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this is llumo studio

We firmly rely on the value of sensitivity and artistic expression, holding natural elements in high regard. Our focus rests on innovation as we warmly embrace what lies ahead.

Just as the universe is composed of particles, ours is made of individuals. Our culture revolves around the rich fabric of interpersonal interactions, shared personal experiences, and the distinctive reference frames of each collaborator. It is in this unique and diverse universe that our studio finds its voice.


Gustavo Machado

business director

Gustavo holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Bergen School of Architecture (BAS). His approach to architectural visualization is shaped by his previous training as a professional photographer at the prestigious EFTI school in Madrid and by a postgraduate program in architectural visualization at the OF3D Academy in 2020.


The composition and perception of light in photography have been perfected throughout his life as a travel enthusiast. Gustavo has visited over 40 countries and has lived in various nations, building an extensive portfolio of seven different languages. This gives him an international perspective and strong communication skills in an international environment. Gustavo has a deep passion for designing strong and lasting concepts, expressed through images of the yet-to-be-realized.


Vitor Thomas

creative director

Vitor is an architect with a journey of nearly a decade in the creative field, primarily focused on architecture but also exploring the realms of fashion, interior and furniture design, brand creation, and computer-generated visuals.


Notable for his fusion of creativity and sensitivity, this journey began early on when the only way to explore the world was through imagination. Since then, the ability to craft vivid images has been a fundamental part of his work, with visuals that connect different references within the Llumo Studio universe. He approaches each project with the mindset of a conductor, harmonizing every element to ensure the final product reflects the depth of the message we've passionately worked to convey. This harmonious integration creates immersive experiences and designs that transcend the boundaries of traditional disciplines.


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