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fjellbur visitor center

project and images by llumo studio
Lofoten Islands, Norway

      Our journey designing the Fjellbur Visitor Center was guided by the intention to encapsulate the elements that compose this unique environment: wind, light and water. This is our homage to the Norwegian landscape, where every droplet of water, every gust of wind and every stone tells a story of resilience and timelessness.

      We bring the outdoors in. The juxtaposition of warm natural materials against the allure of chrome accents symbolizes the dynamic interaction between nature and human exploration.


       Rooted in nature's bounty, our architectural vision begins by cherishing the raw elegance of the materials surrounding Fjellbur. From the rugged nobility of wood to the timeless strength of stone, the gentle caress of wind, the refraction of water, and the pristine purity of snow, these elements are not just sources of beauty but also reservoirs of creativity.

    As you step inside, you’ll feel the gentle whispers of the wind guiding you. Each stone, expertly displayed as a work of art, symbolizes the passage of time. The fluidity of water, elegantly incorporated through metals and glass, pays homage to the nation’s deep maritime roots.

     Nature's humble gifts undergo a metamorphosis into innovative materials. Wood finds new life encapsulated in resins, stones evolve into glistening metallic forms and fabrics capture the unseen dance of the wind. In the fusion of these raw and refined materials, we find harmony.

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