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ice hotel art suite

project and images by llumo studio
Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

     The complexity of who we are is a result of a consciousness formed through memories. Our consciousness, or our inner infinity, is a place of reunion with memories that connects the three dimensions of time: When evoked in the present, memories refer to the past, but always with a view to the future.

     Cold drops of water that fall on the skin during a summer rain. The light of the aurora borealis, which through its curves leads the eye in the immensity of the night sky. The ice that, even when frozen rigid, eternalizes the fluidity of water in its liquid form. The rhythm of tree trunks in a dense forest that conditions the way we move within it.

     Our Inner Infinity suite aims to bring us closer to the essential relationships we create in life with the natural environment, providing a triggering of involuntary memories through the elements that make up the project. During the development process, we used digital tools for 3D parametric modeling, creating a dynamic environment that allows an immediate connection of the visitor to the place.


     The Rain installation, one of the main elements, is created through 3D printed molds that resemble the shape of drops, attached to the optical fibers during the freezing process in the molds. The fiber optic cables provide several possibilities for installation, transforming a single point of light into hundreds, in addition to being resistant to sustain drops of 4cm in diameter (approximately 40g each) fixed through screws in the ceiling, with their installation positions precisely defined by software.

Planta with mesuarements 03.png

     The furniture made of ice seeks to eternalize the fluidity that water once had, being shaped with specific tools and fire. There is an extraordinary beauty in the interaction process between opposing forces such as fire and ice, where the limits of matter are tested in the creation of organic and timeless forms.

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