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llum apartment

project and images by llumo studio
Oslo, Norway

       For us, time is not linear. Past, present, and future exist simultaneously. The Llum Apartment project embodies this belief, cherishing the past by honoring existing structures and adornments, reconnecting the space with the present through bold interior design, opening its doors to a new future.

       We believe in contrast as a way to highlight textures and materials. Light and shadow, vibrant and neutral colors, warm and cool tones, smooth and textured materials, natural and crafted. Through opposition, we accentuate their finest attributes.

bedroom 015.jpg

       While we were designing the interiors, maximizing the use of natural light was our greatest challenge. By emphasizing the existing openings and positioning the furniture thoughtfully, our aim was to bring people closer to the natural light.

       A visit to the Llum apartment is a journey into the history of its resident. With an unrestricted layout, we aim to highlight their journey by bringing their belongings out of oblivion: the books, the ceramics, the artworks and even their clothes.

       Where contrast meets serenity - an oasis within. Discover a serene hideaway adorned in sleek white marble that dances with sunlight, amplifying its radiance. Amidst the canvas of this space a touch of Klein blue emerges, an artistic nod that gracefully becomes a part of the ambiance. A retreat of light and soothing tones, where natural luminosity and a curated palette come together offering a moment of tranquility.

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